A specialist shares five tips on keeping her heart healthy

Keep your hearts safe and sound always listen to your body signs.

You don’t have any complaints or ailments? Then your health should be all right, right? We use this excuse generally to urge out of one thing. But we do all agree that prevention is better than cure. So be kind to the health of your heart and listen to the advice of this cardiologist.

Your heart

Why is it necessary to keep your heart healthy? It is connected to everything in your body and therefore it is affected by a lot of things. Dr. Haythe explains that your heart is a muscle and that it needs the training to keep fit just like your other muscles. Your heart is also connected to your neurological system so when you’re not feeling great or when you have a lot of stress, it affects your heart as well. Therefore, it is important to keep your heart fit.

1. Set training goals

Dr. Haythe usually runs to keep her heart healthy. She motivates herself by signing up for marathons or half a marathon. When you do this, you do have to train beforehand. She spends about 5} minutes on powerful vessel exercises as often as four or five times per week. Swimming and running are examples of such exercises. Luckily you don’t have to set such a difficult task for yourself. The American Heart Association advises adults to spend about 150 minutes per week on semi-intensive exercises like walking, dancing or gardening. Alternatively, you can spend about 75 minutes a week on intensive exercise.

2. Get yourself a Mediterranean diet

It usually doesn’t facilitate to deny yourself certain foods, but you can strive towards a certain diet. Dr. Hythe tries to stick to the Mediterranean diet as much as possible. For her, that entails eating red meat once every two weeks. Besides that, she eats a lot of fish, chicken, legumes, fruit, nuts, and olive oil.

Health cardiologist shares 5 tips about keeping her heart healthy

3. Get enough sleep

Journal of the American College of Cardiology recently stated that too little or too much sleep can result in an increased chance of getting a heart attack. Dr. Hythe tries to get between seven and eight hours of sleep per night herself. She states that sleep is crucial for the health of your heart. Your heartbeat and blood pressure go down when you sleep.

The cardiologist also rather reads a book before going to bed than watching TV as a TV series only keeps you from sleeping.

4. Meditate

A lot of people see meditation as something too abstract and floaty, but it is really good for your heart. Meditation slows your heartbeat down a bit and makes your glucose lower as well. Both are good for the health of your heart says Dr. Hythe.

5. Clean teeth

Keeping your heart healthy by brushing your teeth? That sounds a bit odd, but the two are linked. Hythe explains that dangerous oral hygiene and unhealthy gums are connected to heart diseases. Therefore, she visits a specialist double a year to own her teeth thoroughly cleansed. The research that Hythe talks about looked at the oral hygiene of 682 people.

The result? The people who brushed their teeth less than two minutes twice a day includes a larger probability to get heart diseases than people who did brush their teeth 2 minutes twice a day.

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