Some seem to not consider fashion a region of their life in the least, but even those people who wish to consider ourselves as stylish can end up making common rookie mistakes at a while or the opposite. Fashion “rules” are meant to be broken once during a while, but […]

Are you looking to enhance your appearance or at least your sense of fashion? If you’re, there’s an honest chance that you may be interested in buying fashion magazines. Fashion magazines are often stocked filled with beauty tips, also as fashion advice and tips. That why a large number of […]


Women have plenty on their plates: besides everything else they have to juggle; they also have to shave their armpits nearly every day. At least, a lot of women do. Your armpits are a very delicate, sensitive area of your body. this means that shaving them doesn’t always have a […]

Are you the parent of a teenager?  If you are, you likely already know that many teens want to look their best, at least fashion-wise. For that reason, many teens keep up on the latest fashion trends and use them. while this is okay in some aspects, it can result […]

Do you regularly find yourself reading up on the latest fashion trends? What about fashion advice, do you like to give it to those that you know? If you do, did you know that you could also be able to create a living as a fashion consultant? You can and […]

Do you keep in mind in the 80s Fashions? whether or not you were an associate adult or a teenager, there’s a good probability that you simply do. while you’ll have fond memories of raising a family or being a fun amorous child, one issue that several appear to recollect […]

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Mr. Charles O. Ideghe

I am an entrepreneur that loves to see human and physical resources used in the most simplistic and cost effective way but yet bringing the best result. I love working with teams, there is a beauty about the synergy of diversity of strengths and weaknesses that come together to form a formidable unit. Specialties: Management, Marketing, Finance, Public Relations, Media Relations, and Events .


June 2021
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