More than 1.6 million cases of dengue are reported within the Americans in the first five months of 2020, drawing attention to the need to continue eliminating mosquito vectors of disease even in the COVID-19 pandemic. “While social distancing measures are in place, households should be encouraged to work together […]

Next to genes, good nutrition is the biggest think about securing your kids grow up tall and healthy. according to Scientific American, as much as 40% of individuals’ height differences occur because of nutrition and other environmental factors. Vertically-gifted people have it easier at life — studies have shown that […]

Onions have been popular for a really long time. As far back as the Egyptians of 2500 B.C., we can see evidence that the onion was worshipped. it was said to represent eternity due to its construction of concentric layers. We can’t promise that eating onion will give you an […]


Most women go out of their way to make their skin glow by using artificial beauty products which may be detrimental to the skin. This is why natural products are always recommended. One natural product you can try is tomatoes. Slightly acidic, tomatoes contain high contents of potassium and vitamin […]

The fruit is used as an ingredient to organize a range of dishes; however, its ability to market weight loss is yet to be untapped. Weight loss could be a major concern for many people; however, they are too busy or lazy to put in the work in the gym. […]

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I am an entrepreneur that loves to see human and physical resources used in the most simplistic and cost effective way but yet bringing the best result. I love working with teams, there is a beauty about the synergy of diversity of strengths and weaknesses that come together to form a formidable unit. Specialties: Management, Marketing, Finance, Public Relations, Media Relations, and Events .


July 2020
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