Ease Aches and Pains without Painkillers

Exercises Help to Release Stress and Danger Credit: College Cures

Having bad posture can have a knock-on effect throughout the body and cause several aches and pains. So, it turns out your mom was right when she told you not to slouch! If you find yourself up late studying hunched over your desk, or spend hour after hour sitting in front of the computer, then your posture could suffer the consequences.

Forward head posture is a typical example of bad posture and can lead to tight and painful neck muscles and headaches too. To overcome problems with posture, you could try exercises such as Pilates which will help you to strengthen your core and improve the alignment of your spine. As you start to protect your posture, you should begin to feel the benefits and experience less pain.

Ease Inflammation

Chronic inflammation within the body can result in painful joints, such as in the case of rheumatoid arthritis. Chronic inflammation in the body can be caused by an autoimmune condition which would need to be diagnosed and treated by a doctor.

Some people use CBD oil to help ease inflammation, while others follow a diet which is full of anti-inflammatory foods.

Reduce Tension

Carrying a lot of tension in your body can contribute to your pain levels. When you feel stressed, your muscles will tense up, which causes the pain. Carrying lots of tension in your body can lead to tight muscles in your shoulders, neck, and back, which in turn leads to pain. The stress can manifest itself as a tension headache, as well as a painfully tight neck and shoulders.

Finding relaxation methods that work well for you to stop your stress building up to such a high level is essential to help overcome this problem.

Your chosen method of relaxation is very much a personal choice. Some people like to take a long walk to clear their head and get some fresh air.

Other people prefer to bring more calm into their life through some peaceful meditation. Booking in for a professional massage is also an ideal way to soothe your body and mind.

Once you have found a relaxation method that works well for you, make sure that you implement it when you start to feel tense. This will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from it.

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