Fish Farming is Very Essential

Cat Fish

Separate Genders

While the fishes are been hatched in a healthy fish pond, you have to keep an eye as they continue to grow from week to week. It’s advisable to separate the catfish sexes at a stage to reduce aggression.

The presence of the female catfish in the pond may cause the other gender to exhibit aggressive behaviors. To do this, you have to determine their sexes then from the identity you can select all the female catfish and put them in a separate pond while the male stay on their own separate container.

1. Health and Environmental Factor

Catfish have a medication regulation that must be followed from time to time to ensure that they always in healthiness.

As mentioned in one among the paragraphs above, you’ve got to stay an eye fixed on all the fishes you have got inside the fish pond so on detect early signs or signs of diseases. Once you detect such, you have to take necessary actions as soon as possible to treat and prevent them.

Know the chemicals that are necessary and adequate for treating your pond and the fishes as well. There are some notable chemicals approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat fish diseases and water in an eco-friendly way.

In a case whereby the fish or fishes need to be injected, ensure that you make proper research on the simplest medicine and the right place to inject your fish.

Some of the approved chemicals utilized in treating fish diseases include, but are not limited to the following: hydrogen peroxide, povidone-iodine, formalin, and copper sulfate. Still, make research to find out more; how and when to use each of them.

2. Optimal and Consistent Feeding

The point here isn’t just feeding the fish on a daily basis but feeding them with a quality rich feed that will enhance healthy growth. Fish growth is major dependent on the quality of feed they are fed with.

Every catfish farmer is recommended to feed the fishes on a daily basis especially during the early stage until they pass the first four months of the juvenile stage at least.

Feed your catfish consistently with quality feed because it’s the most essential thing that adds to their growth.

3. Construct a Feasibility Report

Create a detailed business report about your farm may be on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis to help you know if the business is basically moving towards your vision.

The feasibility report of your farm should include the details about the capital you invested in the business, expenses made on essential items and facilities like workmanship, supplies, feed, repairs, and utilities also as your profit.

With this kind of detailed budget, construction will give you a clear overview of what the business looks like in years to come.

4. Get Ideas from Potential Catfish Farmers Around

Paraventure, there may be other catfish farmers around the area where you use your catfish farming you have to urge close to the farmer involved to get ideas that will help you hit your target.

For the fact that the farmer has been into the business years before you, he must have known the tricks applied and also have a ready market.

You can start making a ready market where you’ll be supplying your grown fish through the catfish farmer and his customers. It there are no target customers, you’ll continue keeping grown fishes in the pond.

5. Analyze the value of Return on Investment (ROI)

Taking the calculation and analysis on return on investment helps any quite startup business to understand if the one run so far was profitable and is expected to continue.

In this case, you have to analyze the cost-benefit ratio on catfish farming. The result will show if it should be considered profitable or not. this is known as the profitability analysis of catfish farming in other words.

Thousands of people want to venture into catfish fish farming to start making profits; it’s not a bad idea at all.

But you must always have in mind that fishes need exceptional care and management from what they eat, to quality water, temperature, and everyone other things they need to survive and grow healthier and bigger.

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