Guide to Follow During Organic Fish Farming

Organic fish farming is a method of fish raising different kinds of fishes that involve using natural steps than applying pesticides, antibiotics, fertilizers, or artificial applications in raising fishes.

Fish Farming

This is a sort of fishing practice; fishes are allowed to grow under natural conditions using the principles of organic agriculture without preservative additive or genetic modification such as growth-promoting hormone, artificial or man-made food, or supplements.

It might be difficult at the early stage but it tends to offer more profit because it’s pricey and people prefer it too than its counterparts because they won’t have any fear of the harmful effects of chemicals used in other forms of fishing and what it can cause.

Organic fish farming business through tasking in most cases has been on the increase since consumers discover the harmful impacts of inorganic aquaculture practices.

Do you want to start or switch to an organic farm business below tips will help you:

1. Get a Land Suitably Located

Find a suitable location where you would like to establish your fish farm upon which the ponds are built in a good location of land matters tons for any business to become successful.

Bear in mind that unlike other types of fishing practices that this type of fishing requires providing the fishes with a natural-like environment starting from feeds to other supplies.

Certain factors need to be put into consideration while getting a location for organic fish farming like the one mentioned above. Again, the land should be a level of land that’s accessible with close proximity to your target market.

2. Know the Regulations & Standards

Organic fish farming unlike other types of fish farming practices has its own standards and regulations.

As an agriculturist who wants to venture into organic fish farming, you ought to understand fully what organic farming is all about. An idea was provided on this at the beginning of this article.

Regulations and standards for organic fish farming is a way to guarantee that the fishes remain close to nature in natural freshwater with organically made fish feed.

Regulations and standards involved are the basic conditions and the management techniques which must be governed by the physiological and ethological needs of the animals in question.

It also applies to the breeding stage. The breeding practices and approaches applied in organic aquaculture effect as little as possible the natural behavior of the fishes.

Therefore, you should ensure natural breeding methods in this kind of fish farming.

3. Consider the Source of the water system

The major and most important requirement in any type of fish farming business is water or rather a water system. There is no fish farm without water.

Fishes are raised inside the ponds that should contain enough quantity of water for their survival. Fishes are aquatic creatures that cannot survive in the poor water system.

In the case of organic fish farming, the fishes need adequate and chemical-free water system sources.

Borehole water remains the best option for water source since the water isn’t chemically treated. Therefore, secure a borehole close to your farm for a water system or make provision for other means of the natural water system.

4. Pond Construction

Constructing a pond for fishes is like getting a shelter for human beings. What am I saying here? What I mean is that every commercial fish farm whether inorganic, organic or indoor needs a suitable pond.

The ponds should be measured with some standards depending on the size of the farm and therefore the number of fish that will be in each pond.

Plumbing fixtures and drainage systems should be fixed appropriately because pond water must be drained and refilled with water from time to time. For this reason, you need a professional that will fix everything perfectly with the correct measurements to avoid inconveniences.

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