Importance of Fish Farming

Fishing Process

Get Good Organic Juvenile

Organic juvenile fishes are advisable to start within any kind of fish farming instead of fingerling fish. Fingerlings are fishes between the ages of 0 to 4 weeks while juveniles are the group within the age range of 4 to eight weeks.

Stock the pond with healthy and quality juvenile depending on the species you choose to try first.

Juvenile fishes are prone to mature to table fish within 2 months provided that they are been supplied with good quality of water and organic feeds. it’s most important to consider their feeding source and management.

The outcome is always great with juvenile once proper management is applied. However, you’ll still breed fingerlings with organic feed if you have a clear insight into how to do that successfully.

1. Learn to make Organic Fish Feed

At first, this kind of business is capital intensive because it required “natural everything” from the breeding of the fishes to feeding, etc.

The feeds for organic fishes must contain certified organic agricultural products and ingredients that conform to the NOP’s national list of materials acceptable for organic agriculture production.

So instead of spending money on buying of fish feeds and other things you can learn how to make some yourself which will help cut down the cut.

Inorganic fish production, the fishes must be given a good quality regimen well balanced according to the nutritional needs of the creature. A feed is only offered to the fishes in a way that allows natural feeding behavior, with the slightest loss of feed to the environment.

Organic fish feeds incorporate by-products from organically processed food and wild marine feed resources that aren’t sited otherwise for the consumption of man.

2. Identify with the Professional Body

Know that in most countries of the world where this kind of fishing is practiced that there are professional bodies that certify such business.

National Organic Program-Organic Aquaculture Standards is one of the standard organizations that provide standards and certification for organic fish farming.

Agencies or departments for this kind of fishing practice help to advise and provide better guidance on how to breed healthier organic fishes and also address any issues you may be struggling with.

They also help to recommend fish farms or rather fish farmers to restaurants or people checking out organic aquarium fishes.

 So you need to seek out the appropriate certifying body in your area and identify with them for necessities. Once you meet up to their standards, they will provide your business with certifications that show its authenticity.

You have to adhere to their strict rules and standards also, though depending on your locality, such agencies restrict organic farmers from using antibiotics, pesticides, and other man-made products which will cover all the areas of the fish life from breeding to health and nutrition.

3. Marketing Organic Fishes

Organic fish farming practice though has different standards and different management schemes are easily marketed.

Marketing is one of the premier factors in business management. The market for organic aquaculture generally shows strong growth across the globe today.

Sustainably sourced organic fishes like fish from salmon fillets, mackerel king prawns et al. are on high market demands today.

In Conclusion

The organic fishing business might come with lots of challenges like being easily affected by diseases, difficulty in sourcing for organic juveniles, high production and feeding cost, and more but at the end, it’s rewarding because it’s highly sought after and is being sold at higher prices because of its health benefits.

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