Keep your Blood Sugar Level Stable and Stay Health.

Ensure to Keep Your Sugar Level Stable at all Times

The  body can only handle so much glucose in the bloodstream at any given time before it has to be removed by a nifty hormone called insulin – and what goes up must come down, in mirrored force, often leading to a crash in energy levels, contributing to feelings of fatigue, hunger, crankiness and sugary food cravings.

In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas can no longer provide either the steady drip of basal insulin that keeps blood sugar levels stable between meals or the bolus release of insulin that directs the uptake of glucose after eating.

Eating a healthy diet that is focused on blood sugar control is essential in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and thus preventing or controlling diabetes. “Salmon is a smart addition to anyone’s eating plan, but for individuals with diabetes, it’s especially beneficial,” Lori Zanini, RD, CDE tells us. Here’s why:

 “It’s a healthy protein source that will not raise blood sugar levels and will help to decrease the risk of heart disease and stroke—a major concern for diabetics.

” Salmon’s heart-healthy qualities come from its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids This particular fat reduces levels of triglycerides, a risk factor for coronary heart disease, according to a review in the journal Endocrine Practice. People with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes often use a low-carbohydrate diet to keep blood sugar levels stable and stay healthy.

Leave a healthy life style and ensure to check your sugar level at all times

For people with diabetes, the exact number of calories to consume each day is based on the amount and timing of food that assures you can, your blood sugar levels stable and your weight within a healthy range.

It may ease your mind to know you will be able to incorporate your favorite foods into a healthy diet while being mindful of your diabetes diet goals (eg, healthy weight, steady blood glucose levels, good blood pressure). This can be administered via injections or a pump you can wear that uses a catheter to feed insulin into your system, according to the Mayo Clinic And if you have type 2 diabetes, you won’t necessarily need insulin, but it can be useful if a healthy diet and staying active aren’t enough to manage your blood sugar levels, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Keep your Sugar level on low

For people with type 1 diabetes, maintaining the correct blood glucose level involves balancing how much insulin you inject, the amount of food you eat, and how much energy you burn during exercise.

High blood sugar levels happen when the body either can’t make insulin (type 1 diabetes) or can’t respond to insulin properly (type 2 diabetes). The body needs insulin so glucose in the blood can enter the cells of the body where it can be used for energy. A study at the University of Copenhagen looked at patients with type 2 diabetes and how to improve their ability to regulate blood sugar levels if they eat food with a reduced carbohydrate content and an increased share of protein and fat.

Try to observe your intake of food and see your Doctor for advice if it prompt you using insulin to inject yourself to reduce the rate of sugar level in your body system.

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